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MagicBrow ™ One-Step Kit

MagicBrow ™ One-Step Kit

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Get your eyebrows in shape like a pro!

Why struggle when there's a better way to create stunning, natural-looking brows in seconds? Stamp the shape you want with the MagicBrow ™ for instant volume and ever more attractive brows. Keep a perfect and well-defined shape all day long! 

No more uneven eyebrows! 

Light and silky powder that blends naturally for a more and more attractive look. It has a waterproof effect that does not stain or fade and lasts longer even in the rain or sweat. Super simple, long-lasting and effective brow stamp in one step to perfect your makeup.

Why MagicBrow ™ One-Step Kit? 

  • Practical and easy to use - Instant makeup that effortlessly fills in stray eyebrows and hairs.

  • Waterproof - The long-lasting effect lasts for 24 hours. It does not stain and does not fade with sweat or rain.

  • Girl's Favorite - With a simple stamp, you can achieve perfect eyebrows at home or even on the go.

  • Perfect shape - crooked and uneven eyebrows are a thing of the past. Style and create your favorite look.


Package contains:
1 x Eyebrow stamp
1 x Eyebrow tint
10 x Stencil

How to use the MagicBrow ™ One-Step Kit

Step 1: Twist on the cap and align the template.
Step 2: Stamp and press firmly with even pressure.
Step 3: Wait three seconds to achieve a satisfactory result.
Step 4: Wipe off the powder on the stencil.
Step 5: Repeat the process on the other eyebrow.


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