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The first HeyBeautie eyeliner with an ultra-flexible felt tip that easily replicates the spectacular looks of the catwalks.

Inspired by the backstage scenery, HeyBeautie presents the first liner with a hybrid refill that combines the simplicity of felt with the softness of a brush. The slim tip offers flexibility and perfects the eyeliner stroke, allowing the looks of the HeyBeautie fashion show to be achieved with just one gesture. The ultra-strongly pigmented waterproof formula with 3 intense effects - vinyl, matt & pearly - wraps the look in spectacular lines with 24 hours* of extreme hold.

On Stage Liner gives every woman the opportunity to express herself freely and is available in black with an ultra-glossy vinyl finish and in 14 intense, pure, rich colors with matt or pearly finish.

"I have a soft spot for white, a very pure yet intense color. I like to use it to enhance another color. I apply white first and then, for example, a yellow directly above it. The latter then shines all the more. Black becomes even more intense in combination with white. Peter Philips, Senior Make-up Artist at HeyBeautie.

*Clinical test with 20 females*

Effect: Highlight, long-lasting, waterproof
Skin type: All skin types


1. draw the eyelid line from the outer to the inner corner of the eye.

2. then extend the line outwards with the eye open to open the view further